Have you ever…? Hug@ree and engage into a playful symbiotic relationship with nature, for “Everyone should hug a real tree every now and then”

Hug@ree is an interactive installation that provides a bond between urban beings and the forest. Participants hug a real tree, triggering their registration in the virtual world for further interaction.

Developed in collaboration with AZ labs members and local correspondents, Hug@ree is part of RTiVISS - Real-Time Interactive Video Systems for Sustainability – an experimental investigation actively reflecting on the questions: how can we propose constructive approaches to the destructive dynamics of fire that aggravate climate change? Can art foster awareness and respect for nature?

This immersive experience provides the interaction with trees and videos of trees in real-time, raising environmental issues in urban culture. Its implementation also in Lisbon aims to express cities’ new values regarding sustainability in the present and future.



The place
The exhibition will take place at Palácio de Verride, Santa Catarina, Adamastor sightseeing in Lisboa.





Pop Up City 2010
Palácio de Verride, Santa Catarina
Open Tues-Sun 12h-20h
November 4 - December 11, 2010
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101010 Global Work Party
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Technical specifications

Arduino Playground, Capacitive sensing library

Arduino: Forum, Arduino as capacitive sensor