Have you ever…? Hug@ree “for virtual”,
someone will hug it for real

Hug@ree Virtual Hug
Hug@ree is an interactive installation where participants hug a real tree outdoors and the hug is detetected by a combination of capacitive sensors and recorded by a camera. The captured video is sent to an interactive tangible projection where participants can place the video loop of their hug on a tree structure, becoming leaves of a collective experience. Multiple Hug@ree installations around the world will upload their leaves to an online platform, creating a global shared embrace of nature.
Online, participants will be able to upload a photo of themselves, but their hug will only be made part of the world when a participant hugs a tree for real.





Programming contest Sapo Codebits
Hug@ree Virtual Hug:
No Hugs | Day Hugs | Week Hugs

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Pop Up City 2010
Palácio de Verride, Santa Catarina | Lisboa
Open Tues-Sat 12h-20h | Nov 4 - Dec 11, 2010
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BUNTING, M. 2009. Rethink — Contemporary Art
& Climate Change exhibition
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GRADZIK, A., SZOSTALOIN, W. 2009. Treehugger Project
PRASCHAK, D. 2010. oneHug, Hochschule Darmstadt,
Talking Tree, Collab between EOS Magazine
and Happiness Brussels | Making of »

Technical specifications
Arduino Playground, Capacitive sensing library
Arduino: Forum, Arduino as capacitive sensor