Have you ever…? Hug@ree and engage into a playful symbiotic relationship with nature at 10/10/10 Global Work Party | 350.org + Greenpeace

We are getting to work on the climate crisis with task analysis and usability tests towards RTiVISS most recent experience, the interactive installation Hug@ree.

Through an artistic approach in an experimental investigation, we are actively reflecting on the questions: how can we propose constructive approaches to the destructive dynamics of fire that aggravate climate change? Can art foster awareness and respect for nature?

On the 10/10/10, participants helped us reach further »
simply huging a real tree anywhere in the world, and then sending the 5 to 10 seconds video or a photo to rtiviss.hugatree@gmail.com !
This action on 10/10/10 triggered the registration in the Real-Time Interactive Video Systems for Sustainability virtual world and screen you at the interactive installation we will be exhibiting at Popup Lisbon. Hug@ree will be symbolizing the complicity between urban beings and the forest to express cities’ new values regarding sustainability.

Hug@ree at Popup Lisboa 2010

The exhibition took place at Palácio de Santa Catrina, at Adamastor sightseeing in Lisboa, November 4 -December 11, 2010 »

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10/10/10 Global Work Party
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